Voices From the Lab: Socorro’s Work Ethic

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Socorro rarely misses a day of Technology For All’s (TFA) computer class in Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center. She’s also never missed a day of work; a trait she got from her industrious father. “He’d say, ‘God is giving you that day. Don’t waste it.’” With that mentality, Socorro rose from working in beauty salons to a recruiting director for T.G.F. Hair Salon.

Socorro retired recently, but her work ethic hasn’t noticed. “I still feel able to do more things,” she explains. “I like helping people, and retirement isn’t as much support as when you’re working.” Interviews and applications, however, consistently require computer skills, while Socorro doesn’t even have a home computer. “They want to know if you can use the computer, know the programs. And I really want to know the programs.”

To catch up, she uses the open computer lab and computer classes offered through Technology For All. As she job hunts, she uses her growing set of computer skills, like email and Microsoft Word.  “[TFA Program Specialist] Chris is great. He makes you feel relaxed and not intimidated. Everyone feels comfortable with him,” Socorro explains. “I’m learning little by little.”

She’s still surprised at how much she can do with computers. “I like everything! Who invented all these programs?” She wishes she had more time to learn, she says, but she can only access computer technology and the Internet at Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center. “I don’t have a computer, which holds me back,” she sighs. But in the lab provided by TFA’s Texas Connects Coalition, “I want to see what else I can do.”

The public computer lab is located on the second floor of the Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center in Houston’s Denver Harbor community. It offers a variety of classes and open use sessions. For more information, please contact the center at (713) 670-2143 or visit at 6402 Market St.

Source: Technology For All

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