Voices From the Lab: A Trainer’s Story

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Rebecca, a Texas Connects Coalition trainer at our Eastside University Village Community Learning Center (ESUVCLC), brought us a story. Rebecca’s center is located in one of Houston’s most under-resourced neighborhoods, but ESUVCLC offers accredited courses for free. Meet one of her students, Caleph:

“Caleph Lane had a stroke several years ago. He came into my Basic Computer class uncertain as to whether he would be successful in retaining the lessons. However, he informed the class he was determined to learn about computers so he could obtain employment.

“About a month into our semester, Lane asked me to help him create a resume. Although we had not yet started Microsoft Word (we were barely learning how to use the Internet), I decided to assist him with creating a resume. I led him through Word, showed him how to create a template and within a 20 minute one-on-one lesson, Mr. Lane was creating his own resume. It took him a few days to complete the process due to typing limitations he has with his right hand.

“Nevertheless, once his resume was done he was ready to find a job. We worked together to find and apply for jobs online, while his natural endurance led him to apply for several jobs on his own.

“The week of May 4th, Mr. Lane went to his first interview for a customer service position with an electric company. He was dressed professionally, had a great resume, and the drive to succeed. Unfortunately, he was told to apply again at a later date, that there were no full-time jobs available. When Mr. Lane shared this information with me, we began to create a cover letter highlighting his skills and thanking the hiring manager for the opportunity to interview with her.

“The next day he was called back in for a second interview and offered a part-time job.

“Mr. Lane enrolled at ESUVCLC with no computer skills, recovering from a life changing stroke, and uncertain about his success at ESUVCLC. He is now one of my most successful students, still eager to learn more and employed part time. I would say Mr. Lane has definitely reached his short term goal of learning computers and obtaining employment.

“Mr. Lane will be one of our many students at the Eastside University Village Community Learning Center Graduation Ceremony, held on May 17, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.”

Eastside University Village Community Learning Center is located in Houston’s historic Third Ward. Among other adult education projects, it holds regular GED, ESL and computer courses. For more information, call 713-747-9255 or visit at 3614 Holman St.

Source: Technology For All

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