Voices From the Lab: What Makes Austin Free-Net Different?

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Learn with mouseAustin Free-Net is the go-to computer education facility for so many Austin area adults because we offer the opportunity to improve their computer literacy in nontraditional classroom settings at no cost to them. 

Staff Trainers at AFN specialize in adult education, and are skilled at teaching computer literacy those who have struggled to succeed in a stereotypical educational environment. Our English and Spanish language basic computer literacy classes are shorter in length than most computer training programs and are created to accommodate those who are not accustomed to classroom environments. 


Clients are welcome to come and go at their leisure in our open-style computer classes and never are “Tardy!”  Trainers work with each client at their knowledge level.  Each classroom site has computer stations arranged in such a way that the Trainer easily can monitor each client’s work.  Individualized attention is the cornerstone to the success of our clients.

Austin Free-Net offers the chance to improve computer literacy to any adult free of charge.  Our on-going goal is to reduce the digital divide in Texas’ capital by providing top-of-the-line educational opportunities without charging our clients. 


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