Voices From the Lab: Success Begins at Home

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M Station Computer LabAustin Free-Net offers 10 computers in the free computer lab at M Station, a housing area which is home to those living below 50 percent of the Travis County median household income. The residents of these newly built home sites share their stories of success with us. This is but one:

A current M Station resident and an ACC student came into the lab and asked for assistance in creating a PowerPoint presentation for his class. He had never used the program before, but did know a bit about computers. The M Station staff person helped him during a thirty-minute tutorial on the program. He quickly learned how to find the tools he needed; and he wanted to finish the project on his own.

The staff member helped the college student by taking a final look at his presentation and helping him make the last edits. After the presentation was finalized he said that his last concern was that he had never given a presentation in front of anyone before and he was nervous that he would freeze up.

The M Station staff person offered to be his audience for a practice run. Two other M Station residents were in the computer lab at the time and also offered to be a part of his audience. The student/resident gave his presentation to his audience of three in the computer lab and then successfully to his class the next day.

He received an “A” on his presentation!

Austin Free-Net loves that living with an economic barrier isn’t keeping this M Station resident and ACC student from his successes. He is utilizing the tools Austin Free-Net has provided to this community to improve his education. Our free-of-charge computer labs exist because of individual monetary donations, grants and local partnerships.

For more information on Austin Free-Net, visit www.austinfree.net.

For information on M Station, visit Foundation Communities at http://foundcom.org.


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