Voices From the Lab: “Broadband Across Texas Week” Is a HIT at AFN

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AFN Lab: Broadband Across Texas Week - Monday ClassJoining our partners within Texas Connects Coalition to create a week dedicated solely to the purpose of ensuring Texans know about how to gain access to computer education and the Internet, Austin Free-Net began “Broadband Across Texas Week” with excitement and a lot of granola bars!

Our main events are happening at The DeWitty Center.  It all began yesterday and Move Your Mouse Monday saw approximately 20 new clients to our training lab.   Scheduled as Orientation Day, this outstanding beginning to the celebratory week was filled with newcomers to Austin Free-Net.   We served refreshments and welcomed any level of computer awareness.  Clients ranged from a woman who had never used a mouse to a Certified Nurse’s Assistant who needed help with his resume.

Tuesday – On Jobs Tuesday come in and receive help on your cover letter and resume.  Also learn which job sites we recommend and how to fill out the online applications.

Wednesday – Bring a Buddy and receive one FREE DAY BUS PASS.  That’s right, just bring in a friend to The DeWitty Center, help them get started on the computer and receive your Free Day Bus Pass.

Thursday – Being thrifty isn’t a secret.  We’ve all got to be savvy in spending money.  Come to see us and learn how to price compare, find safe coupon sites and clip until you can clip no more!

Friday – Is Friday always fun?  Yes, yes it is. We’re no different.  Swing by and learn how to find and download FREE, legal entertainment, such as music and movies.

PRIZES Galore and an entire staff of professionally trained employees are here to help bring you into the digital age…won’t you join us?

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