Voices from the Lab: Time is of the essence in this business

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Beverly considered herself someone who knew a lot about computers—she’s used them all her life—until she took basic computer classes at accredited Eastside University Village Community Learning Center (ESUVCLC). Even though she’s used computers in college, 33 years in management at Foley’s and Macy’s and in her self-operated travel agency, she says, “I’ve learned so much in just three weeks.”

Her favorite new skill is using Sticky Notes, a kind of Post-It Notes tool for Windows 7. She finds their accessibility convenient for cruise planning, which is her biggest seller. “It cuts down on cost of paper, it keeps everything organized, and I don’t have to log into email or something to see my reminders. They’re right there.”

Beverly has personally seen how computers have changed. She started as a Computer Science major in 1971, when computers filled rooms. “You couldn’t see the ceiling.” Now, she and her husband have three laptops at home, one of which she takes on her planned trips. “Because you never know what can happen!”

Despite her experience, Beverly says basic computer courses were necessary due to technology’s rapid development. When she learned ESUVCLC’s classes counted college credits, her decision was made. “If you can take a class for free, while getting three hours credit, you’d be a fool not to take it,” she laughs.

It’s especially important to stay computer-savvy when she uses one every day for her travel agency. “Time is of the essence in this business, and everything is online now, including reservations. I don’t have time to call Carnivale and be put on hold.” Going online, she explains, gets her clients their spot while giving her time for those last-minute changes. In such a competitive market, technology isn’t an advantage; it’s a necessity.

Eastside University Village Community Learning Center is located in Houston’s historic Third Ward. Among other adult education projects, it holds regular GED, ESL and computer courses. For more information, call 713-747-9255 or visit at 3614 Holman St.

Source: Technology for All

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