Voices From the Lab: With Austin Free-Net, VICTORY is Just a Tablet Away

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Austin Free-Net is yet again at the forefront of technology and community partnership.  Our brand-new program, called TechnoRead, has been introduced to our community in a model-creating way.  Austin Free-Net has loaned four iPad tablet computers to theiPad 2 image staff of the respected, Austin-based, VICTORY TUTORIAL PROGRAM.  These educators offer tutoring to Austin Independent School District students in grades 1-12.  The student and tutor work together in the library for a minimum of an hour each week to work on homework assignments and skills for which the student needs extra reinforcement and practice.  Tutoring sessions are held in the late afternoon or early evening on Monday through Thursday.  Now they have the advantage of iPad computers to access online materials – all free of charge.

Victory Tutorial Program LogoAustin Free-Net chose VICTORY because one of our own staff members, Meredith, has a child who benefited from the tutorial sessions previously and she raved about how caring and wonderful the tutors were with her daughter.  Within the heart of east Austin, at the George Washington Carver Branch Library, VICTORY Tutors work with children of all ages tutoring on courses such as reading, math, science and even geography.

Sheena Moore, with VICTORY TUTORIAL PROGRAM (pictured at right), says that Sheena Moore - Victory Tutorial Programwith the use of the iPad technology her tutors have the ability to utilize the power of the Internet to further educate their students.  “We’ve used the tablets 47 hours in one week alone,” Moore excitedly states.  The students, their parents and our tutors are enjoying the technology and access to it.

We work daily to provide Austin’s community-based services, such as VICTORY TUTORIAL PROGRAM with the tools they need – such as tablet technology and Internet access.  We help our community partners with the digitally competitive edge they need to provide opportunities to Austin’s most vulnerable populations.

To learn more about Austin Free-Net and TechnoRead, visit www.austinfree.net or call 512-236-8225 ext. 10

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