Voices from the Lab: Rural Texas student learns on-line safety lesson

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Seniors enjoy the touch pad experience.

“Why do I have to enter my password to look at this info my friend sent me,” the elderly student, Norma, said as she opened an email on her new mobile device.  She recently met with the training manager of the Rural Texas and San Antonio office of Technology For All, looking to learn more about her iPad.

Norma was disturbed to learn that the email was “phishing” for her personal information, a scam that was not sent by her friend but by someone who hijacked the friend’s email address. The training manager explained to her about email and Internet safety. She asked “But I’ve received several of these, and none of them are from my friend?”

Although she was disturbed that someone was trying to steal her personal information, she was glad to learn how to protect herself on-line. “I will certainly look at my email more carefully,” she said.

Also, she is an artist and was excited to learn more about the still and video camera capabilities available on her device. After learning about posting photos on Facebook, she shared a photo of her grandkids. “This is great. I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short time,” she said of her training experience.  “I will definitely be back to learn more.”

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