Voices From the Lab: Consuelo Makes It Happen

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Consuelo (“Not Consuela,” she stipulates) has just begun her digital education at the computer lab in MD Anderson YMCA. It’s her second class, and she’s already operating the mouse and using terminology.

“[Technology For All Program Specialist] Durell is very thorough,” she says, “He gives me literature to take home, a little test to take.” Since Consuelo is a first-time computer user, learning every step correctly is essential. And since she visits when the lab is open to the public instead of a class, she learns one-on-one with Durell. “She really picks up on things quickly,” Durell adds. “It’s neat to teach something to someone and have them just get it.”

Perhaps her history with typewriting helps. Consuelo made her living with typewriters as a secretary for Houston Independent School District to support her family when her husband died. She retired in 2000—the year of Y2K—without ever using computer technology.

This didn’t stop her curiosity. “I want to learn as much as I can,” she says. She found other computer classes, but they were expensive and taught in Spanish. “Everything is in English already,” she explains. “I wanted to learn the correct terminology now.” After seeing a flyer for free computer training at her YMCA, she seized her chance. “My son wanted me to learn,” she explains. “He’s pleased I’m finally learning. I’m really pleased too.”

The MD Anderson YMCA supports youth development, healthy living and social responsibility through various programs across the United States. For more information, call (713) 697-0648 or visit 705 Cavalcade Street.

Source: Technology For All

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