Voices From the Lab: The Family That Learns Together

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Lori is one of the regulars at Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center’s computer lab.  She checks her email and job resources while her two children, Christina and Steve, finish homework and play online games. Sounds simple, but like many computer lab regulars, it’s more than a family enjoying computers: it’s the only computer access they have.

Like many of our users, Lori is a single parent on a fixed income. She cannot afford a home computer or Internet service if she had one.  Besides the Technology For All (TFA) lab, “I have no other means of access.”  This supports findings from the National Telecommunications Infrastructure Administration: the lower a household’s annual income is, the less likely they are to adopt broadband Internet (the most common and available Internet access).

But without Internet access, Lori would miss the many online employment opportunities and resources. As computer and Internet usage becomes more common, more jobs become available only online—even Walmart applications are impossible without a computer. She would also miss several advantages to communicate with her son, serving in Afghanistan.

Now that she has access, Lori visits almost every day. “It’s available Monday through Friday, and there are people here to help if I need it,” she says. Even her typing skills have improved through practice—her children are more self-sufficient too.  “The lab is a great, convenient resource for my kids and myself.”

The public computer lab is located on the second floor of the Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center in Houston’s Denver Harbor community. It offers a variety of classes and open use sessions. For more information, please contact the center at (713) 670-2143 or visit at 6402 Market St.

Source: Technology For All

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